Dhanushkodi is a small village situated at the southern tip of Rameswaram island ,at the eastern coast of Tmail Nadu .
Dhanushkodi is a wonderful temple on the southern tip of tamilnadu and it was completely washed away by the cyclone in 1964.
Dhanushkodi is said to be the meeting point of Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.It is said that Pilgrimage to Rameswaram will not be complete without a holy dip at the sea of danushkodi .
Dhanushkodi is situated 15kms from Rameswaram and can be tavelled by road with help of mini trucks over there.
Legend says that, Lord Rama broke the Sethu with one end of his bow and named it Dhanushkodi ,where Dhanu means Bow and Kodi means end ,on request of Vibeeshana (brother of Ravana ) . Also it is said, whole story of Ramayana revolves around here in Dhanushkodi .The sea here is in the shape of a bow and arrow when seen from the top.
There were train sevices to Dhanushkodi from Chennai before the 1964 storm, which was all washed into sea by the huge cyclone in 1964.
In 1964, a huge wave of about 20ft crashed on the town from Palk strait and destroyed the small town, a train with more than 100 passengers, the Pamban Rail Bridge etc.Dhanushkodi has the only land border between India and Ceylon which is one of the smallest in world wih just 50yards on a sand dune in Palk Strait.
Dhanushkodi was declared as Ghost town by the government of Madras,after the storm in 1964. Now a small group of fisher folks lives there.
We can find the below words in a memorial near Dhanushkodi Bus stand, which takes us to the sad past of Dhanushkodi.
"A cyclone storm with high velocity winds and high tidal waves hit Dhanushkodi town from 22nd December 1964 midnight to 25th December 1964 evening causing heavy damages.
On December 22nd at 23.55 hours while entering Dhanushkodi railway station the train no.653 Pamban Dhanushkodi Passenger which left Pamban with 110 passengers and 5 railway staff was hit by the cyclonic storm and high tidal waves and the whole train got submerged under water killing all 115 on the spot.
In addition over 200 people in dhanushkodi died in the cyclonic storm.
All dwelling houses in Dhanushkodi were blown to pieces in the storm and marooned.
Pamban bridge was washed away by the high tidal waves in this disaster."