Thirupullani temple is located in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu .This place can be reached from Kaaraikudi ,Tirupathur or Maanaamadurai .
Moolavar here is Kalyana Jaganaathan Perumal in standing posture ,Chakravarthy Thirumagan in darba sayana and thaayaars here are Kalyaanavalli and Padmanaasani . Utasavar here is Kodanada Ramar ,along with Sita, Lakshmanan and Hanuman . There are separate sannithis for Pattabi Ramar and Sandhana Gopalan ,also a separate sculpture for vibeeshnanin present in this temple.
Lord Rama stayed for a period, on his way to Lanka to save Sita.
Ravana the king of Lanka, took away sita to Lanka and on knowing this Lord Rama started to Lanka to save Sita, but to reach lanka a huge ocean needs to be crossed
This is the place where Lord Rama, his brother Lakshmanan, along with Sugreev, Hanuman,Vibeeshanan and all other Vanara Senas stayed and discussed on their plans to cross the ocean and save Sita .
Sri Ramar did severe tapas on dharbaipull in sayana kolam without eating anything for 7 days .He worshipped Lord Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal to help him out to save sita ,glad by his prayers Jagannatha perumal granted him with the bow .Thus this place got the name of Thirupullani ,pull means grass ,anai means bed where Lord Rama was in sayana kolam on grass.Jagannatha perumal here is also called as Deivasilayar and Divya Sapan.
Mangalasasanam is Thirumangaialwar 21paasurams .
The theerthams here are Hema Theertham, Chakkara Theertham and Rathnakara Samuthiram.
Asrattham (Arasa maram in Tamil) tree is the sthala Viruksham and the vimanam here is Kalyana Vimanam.
It is said that all the pilgrimates to Rmaeswaram ,comes to Thirupullani to worship Aadi Jagannatha Perumal here.